Happy International Women's Day everybody.

We've been keeping our eye on the #HeForShe campaign that UN Women launched a while back and thought today was probably the right day to share, for obvious reasons. But there are three in particular that we wanted to highlight:

Firstly, we completely support their mission and have been counted! It's a powerful message that's being taken to the world not only by a number of impressive ambassadors (most notably Emma Watson) but by men and women from all walks of life across the globe. 

Secondly, we were very moved by the TED Talk Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Senior Advisor to Under Secretary-General UN Women and Head of @HeForShe Campaign gave about the initiative. Wonderful.

And finally, we love how the whole movement has been thoughtfully, simply and beautifully branded. Great use of powerful imagery with simple strong design. Who doesn't love a splash of fuchsia, right? 

So huge s/o to everyone who's been counted. Let's make gender equality REAL.



Credits: All imagery from the HerForShe.org website / Branding credit to DIA NYC