Happy 2017.

As we leave 2016 behind and look forward to the year ahead we wanted to take a moment and have some fun together!Every New Year brings a time of reflection and planning, and it's important that we enjoy and celebrate the process too. So we're looking to capture the two words that we each believe will define our 2017 and create some art with them; something to connect us in support and solidarity as the year unfolds.

For us at Perfect Tribe our year is going to be about CONNECTION and IMPACT. We are going to grow our network of great creative minds all around the world, and really live our ambition to create work that resonates emotionally. But we're also going to have fun doing it.

So, what is your 2017 going to be about?

If you want to include your top two priorities in our animation use this link to fill out an online sheet by end of January 2017 and join our tribal news network to see the final animation. It will only take 20 seconds and your words will be added to the final creative piece which we'll share for you to enjoy and reflect on.

We're excited to see what we create together with this!