This tribal shoutout goes to the awesome Argentineans, Superestudio. They’ve been on our radar for a while now, and we’ve always been impressed by their unique design style and the ingenuity they bring to their work.

So we’re super thrilled to be partnering with them in Europe on branding projects.

Their most recent piece of awesomeness was for the rebrand of nickelodeon in the US (with plans to roll the branding out internationally, we’re told). Fun, vibrant and just full of life; we love how every time we watch this we see something different.

They’ve already made some headway into Europe too with the recent rebrand of TMC, one of TF1 France’s channels. Check out these publicitè bumpers with their cool and attention grabbing play on ‘ten’.

So if you don’t know them, where have you been?!? And if they’re not on your channel branding agency speed dial list, get that sh*t sorted!

(If you'd like an introduction to the daring duo of Ezequiel and Marcos let us know here with I Need Awesome!